What's the easiest way to change a Quilt, Duvet Cover?

What's the easiest way to change Quilt Covers?

Step 1: Watch the video 
Step 2: That's it!!

Don't believe me? Watch the video above and see for yourself!

How often do you change your bed sheets? According to recent reports - not that ofte! Changing bed sheets is possibly the number one least likely chore to well - like! So extreme in fact, that some people only change their sheets twice a year - YIKES!

How long does it take to change a bed sheet - 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes? Imagine having to change maybe 3 or 4 beds every weekend?

Here's a secret - you can change all 4 of those beds in under 5 minutes using quilt covers from Bedrocks. See our new winter styles

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If you're new to bedrocks - heres a bonus..

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