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Hi, my name is Andrew and I share ownership of Bedrocks quilt covers with my sister Nicole. I’m passionate about everything I do, my passion is to bring to you new and exciting designs for your bedroom. I’m also passionate about Tartan, some might even say I’m a Tartan tragic, since I probably have the largest Tartan shirt collection this side of Scotland. Some of this has spilled over into our designs.

Quilt Covers Owner Andrew loves tartan shirts

Tartan Tragic- my collection of check shirts looking similar to many bed linen designs

I created the Bedrocks Designer Bedding and Linen range when I’d become frustrated not being able to find anything of quality when it came to “suiting up” my own bedroom. 

No matter how hard I looked I just couldn’t find anything even close to my taste. I was thinking “Surely, I can’t be the only guy out there who enjoys a bit of class in the bedroom but with a masculine feel”. An idea soon began to flourish into what you see today…Bedrocks Designer Bedding. There was a gap in the market that just wasn’t being looked after, great quality Designer Bedding for men.

Mind you, we didn’t stop there. Our range includes designs for everyone…men, women and couples.

We source our bedding from round the world, and with my partner who resides in the Netherlands - we can quickly make new season trends available before it hits our shores.

We are so excited to offer you our superb quality and luxury range. All at a great price.

We’re changing the game plan.

  • Why be ordinary when you can stand out from the crowd? Hey, maybe we’re just attention seekers…there’s nothing wrong with that though. Is there?
  • No longer do you have to put up with lack lustre, and quite frankly, boring and unimaginative sheets and quilt covers. We’re into only bold and stylish, rich and vibrant, classy and cool.
  • There’s no need to limit yourself to drab, floral, or dull anymore.
  • Our quilt covers are made to order, and our designs are just cooler and more stylish than other bedding stores.
  • Check your sense of style when you click through to our Online Shop 

Our Core Values

We wholeheartedly believe that everyone should be able to achieve a great bedroom atmosphere of luxury and style at a great price. Why just limit comfort and style to only women? We men crave that too!

From the manufacturing process right through to the presentation of our range, everything that we do is with you in mind.

You are our No 1 focus! We want you to enjoy the utmost quality, comfort and luxury of our classic designer quilt covers.

What’s your groove/style?

Do you favour bold and edgy? Or what about classic with a twist? Or even rich and vibrant?

Whatever is your groove/style, we have you covered. Covered from head to toe that is, in one of our super cosy Designer Bedding Sets.

Designer Bedding Sets to suit any style

We’re Australian

Bedrocks is an Australian business located in Melbourne. We sell directly from the manufacturers, which means we offer you the highest quality but at a lower price.

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